Frequently asked questions

Q: How long does a band take to setup and pack away?

A: Our musicians need around an hour to set up. If access to the event room is far from where the car park is, you can expect a longer set up time. The exact set-up time required by each band will be broken down on your booking contract. Please note a sound check of 10-15 minutes is also required to balance the volume and equalisation of each instrument for the musicians. Usually it takes less time (circa 30 minutes) for the band to pack all their equipment away.

Q: Do the musicians play live or are parts pre-recorded?

A: Our bands at MSM play completely live meaning that everything you hear on the night is produced by the musicians on stage.

Q: Is it a problem if there are volume restriction and sound limiters?

A: It can be difficult to balance the dynamic required for a good performance against requests for very low volume however it is completely up to the client’s requests. Please note for the bigger and more energetic bands such as ‘Switch it Up’, the volume will be louder as live drums and brass instruments will have difficulty in playing at a low volume. Sound limiters are installed in many venues and this can be very challenging for a band to play at a certain volume. We are happy to contact the venue in advance to make sure we have all the required information.

Q: What is the band dress code?

A: Our bands at MSM are dressed seamlessly smart. Girls in sequence dresses and boys in suits! Our musicians always look and fit the part. If you have a particular request for attire, please let us know and we can inquire with the band. Please note if you have booked a band to perform outdoors with hot weather, attire may be different but will always be appropriate for the event!

Q: Can bands play different styles of music and take guest requests?

A: Each band has a wide repertoire and appeal to a broad spectrum of audiences. We can guarantee there is something for almost everyone! When you decide to book your desired band, you will be sent a set list to choose songs that you would like to hear. With regards to requests, by all means if we know the song, we will play it for you! (Please note song requests have to be given to the band during their break to perform for their second set.

Q: Does MSM provide music between sets?

A: Yes we can provide music between sets to suit the event or if preferred, the client can provide their own music that can be played on our PA system.

Q: Do your musicians have insurance and is your equipment insured?

A: Yes all our musicians have public liability and all our equipment is annually PAT tested.

Q: Is a stage area necessary for the band?

A: Not entirely necessary however it is more comfortable for musicians to place their instruments on a stage floor to prevent any damage of goods. For our smallest band an area of 5 metres wide by 3 metres deep is required and for our bigger bands of 8 musicians an area of 6 metres wide by 4 metres deep is desired. There will be a required distance of 2 metres between the stage and the dance floor.

Q: What security do I get if I book one of your bands?

A: Upon booking with MSM, you get an inclusive booking contract. This contract legally binds each musician to perform at your event and bands cannot cancel for any reason other than serious illness or family matter. If that were the case MSM will be responsible in finding another musician to step in. In the contract it confirms exactly what time the band will arrive to set up, set timings and a high quality of professionalism and courteous attitude. This contract is legally binding and cannot be cancelled.

Q: How can I amend a booking?

A: Simply email MSM ( and a team member will be happy to accommodate any new requests. I.e. Requesting the band to do an extra set or to arrive earlier to set up. (Kindly note an additional cost may apply.) Please do not communicate directly with the musicians for amendments as MSM are responsible for issuing updated contracts.

Q: Corona virus COVID 19 Information

A: We understand there are many concerns about the current coronavirus outbreak and we know how hard it has hit the live entertainment industry. The best general advice we can give is to stay updated at all times to your local government’s recommendations. We are constantly working on ways to perform in a safe environment for both the entertainment and guests. Each musician will be placed at a safe distance from one another and their instruments will be fully disinfected before arriving on site.

Q: How long are your music sets?

A: MSM entertainment have a standard set that is split into 2 x 60 minute sets (or 3 x 40 minutes)


"We had the pleasure of having Marina Simioni Music perform at our charity event in October 2019 at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. MSM were superb! Very professional, extremely entertaining and full of energy. An exceptional company to work with. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I would highly recommend them. We will certainly be using them again in the future.


Lorenzo Guidi, Chairman - The RCRT Foundation.

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